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SkyView Imaging System

SkyViewDiagnostic Services introduces the SkyView Equine Bone Scan System. It’s an advanced overhead system mounted on 4 steel corner posts and uses the latest Technology to position a Large Rectangular Detector. The system uses NuCam Detector Electronics and the Mirage Computer with Motion Correction and Shine Software.

It’s capable of moving the detector North–South, East-West and Up-Down within the selected imaging area, as well as,
  • rotating the detector yoke
  • rotating the detector within the yoke
  • able to pivot the vertical column
No detector handles – allows shallow floor pit.

A New Infrared Remote Control Available.

  • High quality images
  • Up to 5 motorized movements
  • Advanced Imaging Software
  • Operates on 120 VAC 20 AMP line
  • Easily Positioned