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1. Why would we want this service in our practice?

Equine Scintigraphy is a valuable non-invasive diagnostic tool generally used after simpler tests are exhausted. Not only do you add another tool, but you also offer more complete service to your client and keep the difficult cases in-house. Many practices are also expanding their client base by offering pre-purchase equine examinations to better ensure a healthy animal. They are also finding that they are getting diagnostic imagining-related referrals from other near-by practices.

2. Can any practice provide Scintigraphy?

The short answer is yes, but in reality there are many steps required. The training and qualifications of your personnel and infrastructure available will determine how long the process will take.

3. How would our practice get started?

Contacting us, a health physicist, or another practice already scanning would help you learn where to start.

4. What licensing is required?

Licensing varies by the state regulations for your state. Each state either has it’s own regulations or follows the federal NRC regulations

5. How large a space is required?

We have equipment that has the lowest possible impact on any facility. Our Basic System can even be fully placed in a small storage area when not in use.

6. What are the room requirements?

A short base version is available that can go 9 inches closer to the wall. Subtract 9 inches from all measurements above.

6. How will this service impact our practice?

Our feedback is always positive. Growth in the service you can provide will lead to growth in the income generated in many ways. For example, having this service available will help your clients make more informed pre-purchase choices of animals that have been fully scanned.

7. How do I learn more?

The simple answer is, pick up the phone and call us. We can help with more information and we hope to sponsor more seminars, where users and potential users can get together and discuss all aspects of integrating scintigraphy into their daily practice – from new start-ups to advanced imaging diagnosis. The learning continues even after installation with our training and advice. We are also currently planning to bring forum discussion groups into this web site in the near future.

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