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Over the past 20 years Diagnostic Services has been providing complete Nuclear Medicine Imaging & Scintigraphy Systems to worldwide clients. We offer production, sales, service & support for the Equine, Veterinary and Lab Animal industries.

We design, manufacture and install effective, cutting-edge & industry appropriate solutions that create desired results best suiting you and your client's needs.

"We're passionate about enabling businesses and institutions to refine their diagnostic abilities"
-Michael Molnar, owner & systems designer


An advanced overhead system mounted on 4 steel corner posts and uses the latest Technology to position a Large Rectangular Detector. Read more


The Equistand has a large range of motion to extend over the horse as well as go below floor level to image from a pit. Easy hand-control operation. Read more

EQ View

The EQ View camera system is built specifically as a Cost Effective Equine Bone Scan System mounted on a floor rail perfect for low volume scanning. Read more


MiniScan is camera system built specifically for imaging small and companion animals that makes use of a Mirage nuclear imaging computer. . . Read more

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  • Equistand
    Cornell University has recently hired Diagnostic Services to design and install an Equistand station at it’s School of Agriculture in Ithaca, New York....
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